Salem Fairy Door Trail

Announcing our participation in the Salem Fairy Door Trail, July 2018

The Marble Faun is one of many stops along the trail.

Hosted by the Witch’s Education League, the Fairy Door Trail will be kicking off on July 14 and 15, 2018 at 3 Hawthorne Boulevard in Salem, MA (Artemisia Botanicals). You can get your map in person at Artemisia Botanicals or print one online at

Come join us in the magical city of Salem for a fun and exciting treasure hunt through the city for handcrafted Fairy Doors created by local artisans and hosted by local businesses.

The Fairy Door Trail is the first event of the Fairy Fest, but they will be hosting even more events throughout the year so be sure to continue to check back online for more information!


About The Salem Fairy Festival

The Salem Fairy Festival is a celebration that the Witch's Education League has been planning for several years.  It will have several layers that we hope will bring joy to all who enter and partake in the festivities.

Our first event will be the Salem Fairy Door Trail. Like many of its kind in other areas, this is a magical hunt where young and old follow a map through town to find the businesses participating in the event and search out the fairies' doors. 

As the doors are found, the Fairy Door Explorers will check them off their list and continue on to the next location.  When all the doors have been found they return their list to the Official Fairy Office at Artemisia Botanicals for a Fairy Explorer reward.

​We have teamed up a local artist with each business, to design and display the fairy doors.  The Salem Fairy Door Trail will open in July 2018 and will to be viewed and trailed for the next year.  Continue to check our website for updates and new event announcements.

We hope you will join with us to make this event just the beginning of something that can touch all of Salem and all of her visitors who come every year.

Be part of the Salem’s First Annual Fairy Festival and Feel The Magic.