A More Modern Touch – Original Watercolor Cards March 17 2021

Anne began painting her watercolors last year, during the spring and summer lockdown, as a way of staying creative during such a difficult time for all of us. One of the most popular images that became a popular card was Anne’s Poppies. Simple, elegant and unique, this card has been a great favorite in the shop and online.


            The watercolors took off in October with our Salem series of pumpkins and flying witches. Just adding the silhouette clip art to a unique pumpkin patch or line of autumn trees created a following. But by far, the most popular watercolor card was the Cat Under the Christmas Tree.

            Check out our latest designs for Spring. They are a celebration of new life, new hope, a prospective new year. We are grateful to continue creating original artwork to add to our collection of cards along with our treasured images of the past. Thank you for your patronage and support.

What's New in Specialty Papers...Reproduction Ephemera Sets March 09 2021

Our Dear Mattie Letters Set (above) - written from Salem after the Civil War to a lady in Cambridgeport, Massachusetts. We decided to lovingly reproduce these letters last winter and use them as backdrops for cards and our jewelry photographs. It's wonderful to share them and their unique stories of time gone by.

New in our Specialty Papers is the Victorian Salem Ephemera Set (above), which includes eight pieces of Salem and Boston reproduction ephemera.

  • A Salem YMCA Dance Card from 1906, complete with pages of advertisements and the dances performed, tied with a pink ribbon. 
  • A postcard of a bustling 1900s Washington Street, Salem
  • An advertisement card for hats on Essex Street, Salem
  • An advertisement for Witch Cream from 1892
  • A Christmas advertisement for Daniel Low & Co., circa 1900s
  • A bank note from Salem, 1900s
  • An advertisement for Parker Games, 1900s
  • An advertisement for Christmas Cards and other stationery products, Boston, 1900s

We have also reproduced other letters from our collections and paired them with ad cards or postcards of the same era. Each letter has been folded to match the original and some have a postal mark on them, as they may have predated the wide use of envelopes. They are little time capsules - written with much affection and detail. Life hasn't really changed all that much. A look into another human being's heart and mind is a truly humbling experience. That is why we love our collection so much. Happy Writing of your own!

They are made to order on our webstore and we do our best to reproduce what is pictured here.

Thoreau Cross-Body and Tote Bags at Walden Pond June 01 2020

We are excited to debut our latest designs, exclusively produced for our friends at the Thoreau Society in Concord, MA. This winter, we designed a custom fabric celebrating the life, legacy, and writings of Henry David Thoreau in a collage of quotes, ephemera, and period drawings of wildlife.

The cross-body purse and tote bag are available only at the Shop at Walden Pond. Please check out their online store and look for our other custom Thoreau products as well!


The Shop at Walden Pond:

Thoreau Cross-Body:

Thoreau Tote Bag:

House of the Seven Gables Antique Book ~ 1876 April 27 2020

Hawthorne's famous work, originally published in 1851, this copy was published in 1876 in Boston by James Osgood. Includes advertisement pages in the back.

No apparent sun damage, bright colors. Few splits on the end papers, but binding is otherwise tight. Any questions, please Contact Us. One copy available. 

Perched Peacock Painting Card April 23 2020

Anne's Poppies Card...See How We Glitter April 23 2020

Still Glittering! April 23 2020

Still glittering here at home! Here's a video.