My Name Is X and I Am a Cumberbitch

$ 9.99

"You have a Ben-addiction. This book can help.

Between Benedict's award-winning acting and mystical jaw line, it's all too easy to become a 'Cumberbitch.' 

Luckily for the afflicted, help is at hand! In this incessantly enlightening guide you’ll find:

- A whole load of (Benedict-related) quizzes
- Motivational illustrations (of Benedict’s face)
- Inspirational quotes (from Benedict)
- And, most importantly, the Five-Point Plan to Dis-Batch your Ben-Addiction

Simple and semi-effective, this is the only guide that promises to combat Cumber-crastination in no time. Hurrah!" ~ Back Cover.

HC, measures 6.8 x 5.1 x 0.5 inches, 96 pages.

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