Hawthorne Magazine Articles - Reproduction Ephemera Set - 4 Pieces

$ 14.00


Lovingly reproduced set from our own ephemera collection. A stunning glimpse into another time and another life, with mention of regional points of interest and current events.

Reproduction Set includes:

  • Hawthorne Literary Circle Program, 1884
  • Magazine Article: Hawthorne's Salem Haunts, 1880s
  • Magazine Article: The Salem of Hawthorne by Julian Hawthorne, 1884
  • Magazine Article: Scenes of Hawthorne's Romances by Julian Hawthorne, 1880s 

Great for scrap-booking and other creative pursuits.

These are reproduction, are printed on paper, and are folded to match the originals. Any handmade items may take longer to ship out, as they may be made to order. We strive to replicate what is pictured here. 

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