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"Ruth Goodman is an historian who believes in getting her hands dirty. Drawing on her own firsthand adventures living in re-created Victorian conditions, Goodman serves as our industrious and ebullient guide to nineteenth-century life. Proceeding from daybreak to bedtime, this intimate journey back in time 'imagines the Victorians as intrepid survivors' (New Republic) of the most perennially fascinating era of British history. From waking up to the rapping of a 'knocker-upper man' on the window pane and lacing into a corset after a round of calisthenics, to retiring behind closed doors for the ideal combination of 'love, consideration, control, and pleasure' --the weird, wonderful, and somewhat gruesome intricacies of daily life are vividly rendered. An enchanting manual for the insatiably curious, How to Be a Victorian celebrates the overlooked majority of those who loved, labored, and simply endured through the Victorian Age." ~Back Cover.


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